The Worlds Strangest Strongman

The Great Gordo Gamsby



Gordo gamsby is the worlds strangest strongman, performing strange feats of strength, that are yet to be matched including a demonstration of his guinness world recording holding  

'Worlds Strongest Tongue'


The Great Gordo Gamsby performs high energy high skill circus and sideshow stunts, from small cabaret stages to festival mainstages and theatres, the great gordo gamsby will leave you gobsmacked. he specialises in custom built spectacles  Presenting tailored performances from 5 minutes to a full length 50-75minute shows featuring a winning combination of circus sideshow acts and spectacle stunts. More details available on contact.

some of the biggest stunts performed on the street, from festivals to street corners, you will remember the great gordo gamsby for a very long time, sword swallowing, juggling, fire manipulation, chainsaws and whip cracking are just a few of the skills you can expect from this masterful showman

The Award winning international sensation that is the Great Gordo Gamsby can compare any stage for you with charisma and flare. From intimate cabarets to massive outdoor events. Interlacing a welcoming attitude, sharp wit and high level of skill, he is the perfect mc for any event.

"A Compere beyond compare" . LK.